Stadias broken promise

Google stated in June that there would be competitive prices for games on Stadia, however, some prices contradict that statement.

Stadia subscribers pointed out that Darksiders Genesis, a new adventure game was listed for $40. This was surprising for gamers who expected a price similar to the one offered for $30 on Steam.

This is not the first time that the Stadia has seen a markup. Just Dance 2020, Grid, and Farming Simulator 2019 were put out by Stadia at prices higher than their competitors’. The reasons for this are not clear, but Google’s  (title at company), Phil Harrisson said that the (quote).

While Stadia has made some games more costly, it has offered games at a discount. Tomb Raider is currently $30 compared to  $60 on Steam. When Stadia launched, some games were steeply discounted for Stadia Pro members. The $10 a month price for the Stadia offers four unpaid games.

Pricing differences among different platforms are not too uncommon. However, it seems to be that Stadia is lacking when it comes to competitive pricing.

Source: ArsTechnica

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