Grand Theft Auto is officially pay-to-play

The Diamond Casino and Resort Heist is finally playable. The Concept behind the heist is that the player is robbing the Casino where ownership was recently transferred after the player tried to prevent that from happening.

However, to start the heist on your own, the player must purchase an arcade to set a base of operations. This arcade alone will set you back a couple of million dollars. Then, once you buy the arcade, there are a ton of upgrades, including ascetics, games, and new technology-most of which will set you back millions.

According to multiple users on Reddit, the maximum heist payout is $2.1 million, which does not even make up for all of the costs. There is potential to make a profit on this heist if you are willing to put in the time and energy. But one way to get out of that is by purchasing shark cards, the quickest way to strike it rich in the game. 

Shark cards do not come cheap. For $99, you get eight million in-game dollars, which is just enough to buy a yacht. So, if you have a disposable $99, spend it on in-game money, or if you have many spare hours, spend it grinding out the game. Then, you can enjoy the highlife simulation that is Grand Theft Auto Online.


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