Rust has made more money than Garry’s Mod

The two flagship sandbox games have grossed hundreds of million of dollars, yet Rust is number one. Rust has grossed $142 million at 9 million copies sold, since it’s release in December of 2013.  Garry’s Mod has grossed $108 million with 16 million copies sold. While Garry’s Mod has outsold Rust, it still has not made as much profit. Additionally, it is important to remember that Garry’s Mod was released 9 years before rust in December of 2004.

Both games were created and are owned by Facepunch Studios, who has been racking in the profits. Both games have sold over a million yearly copies, but Rust has sold 1.5 million yearly copies. Both games present the user with the chance to build a new world within the realm of the game. Garry’s Mod contains more items while Rust has better graphics. The two games are loads of fun, but rust comes out victorious. Which game do you think is better? Does Rust deserve the title? Let us know in the comments!

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