Google Stadia now allows users to track their achievements

In a tweet, Stadia announced the achievement system,

“Our achievement system is here and you will now receive notifications when playing on desktop, laptop, and TV. You can view your full achievement list on web, including all the ones you’ve earned since you began playing Stadia.”

This new feature will allow users to track their accomplishments from their games on the platform. Similar to Xbox and Playstation, the new feature will enable users to view their achievements from different games in one place. This makes it easier and more convenient for users to view this information. Users will be able to check their progression everywhere except for the Stadia app, and they did not announce a future update.

Stadia has had its fair share of issues, but the platform is slowly developing. New functionalities such as this one make the platform more reliable and fun. Will this help revive Stadia’s broken reputation? Comment your thoughts!

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