Streaming services are setting records right now!

In quarter 1 of 2020, the world saw many changes in regular day to day life from the death of famous NBA superstar Kobe Bryant to the Coronavirus pandemic currently going on. However, while the world is going into absolute mayhem, few businesses are picking up steam right now. Among those companies are the various streaming services available to the general public. Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook gaming, and Mixer had record-setting hours watched on their platforms.

Twitch, the usual king of streaming, came out way ahead of its competitors, including Mixer, Microsoft’s attempt at a streaming service, and Facebook and Youtube gaming. While all of the significant Silicon Valley wants a piece of it, it seems that Amazon’s Twitch has consistently been the number one of the streaming sphere.

For Twitch, the total hours watched on their platform crossed over 3 billion for the first time. The average CCV (concurrent viewership) for YouTube gaming went up 15.5% quarter 4 of 2019. For Facebook, they have seen massive growth year-over-year. The hours streamed on Facebook doubled, the watch hours tripled, and the average CCV quadrupled.

While these services have had a good quarter, the success will stay as COVID-19 keeps much of the world locked indoors. As long as people can’t have actual social interaction, they will stay sitting, watching the streamers and games they enjoy.

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Sources: Stream Labs

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