Call of Duty League is Back?

In some recent good news, Call of Duty’s esports league, Call of Duty League, will be returning to screens on April 10th. After being delayed for a few weeks, play will resume only online, with players playing from their respective locations. 

In a statement regarding the matter, commissioner Johanna Faries said,

“No one wants to be in this situation, but we are, and we’re thankful that Call of Duty League can forge ahead and deliver live competition to fans when it’s probably needed most,” 

Call of Duty league is not the only league to face delays. The ESL, which hosts a competitive league for games such as Rainbow Six Siege, Counter-Strike: Global offensive, and Data 2, has faced delays, but they are working on resuming in the online format. The Overwatch League has also seen delays. Now that the organizers of the different Esports leagues managed the logistics of their respective events online, the audience will likely be frugal for both revenue and popularity.

ESPN, the sports broadcasting network, has begun streaming Esports, including Madden and NBA 2K games, as well as streaming online races.

The first game to kick off the COD League is the Seattle Surge at the Paris Legion team kicking off at 4 P.M. eastern time. You can watch the various tournaments on Youtube.

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