IGN to hold a gaming event in early June.

IGN, the gaming entertainment website, recently announced that it would hold a “summer of gaming event.” The event will be held for the first time this year, digitally, and it will be available to the world.

The event fills the empty space of E3, which is the largest video game conference in North America. Due to recent concerns with the pandemic, E3 had to close its doors for 2020. However, they recently announced a new project for 2021.

The summer of gaming event will feature some notable and usual figures. Including, but not limited to, Amazon, Google, Square Enix, and Sega. An unusual character attending the event is Twitter. At this point, Twitter is the only major social media figure that has not broken into the gaming sphere. Their attendance might be a campaign into gaming, and possibly a streaming service.

In a statement made Chief Content and Product Officer at IGN, Peer Schneider, 

“With the next generation of console gaming kicking off later this year and gamers eager to learn more about what games they’ll be playing on their new hardware, our online event will be a key moment for publishers and developers to connect with the audience worldwide,”

The event will be covered in 112 countries and 25 languages. You can access the event from any of IGN’s social media platforms. There is no official start date yet, but it will begin sometime in early June. 

Sources: IGN https://www.ign.com/articles/ign-announces-summer-of-gaming-event-in-june

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