5 Best Setups week of 4-6

Hello readers! Welcome to the very first edition of Best Setups! At DisclosedGamer.com we aim to bring you best gaming media from around the web. Today, we are ranking gaming art, also known as battle-stations. Check here weekly for inspiration, or for a view of something new.

#5 – U/Hzj

This setup is clean and straightforward. If you are balling on a budget, you can find inspiration in this setup. While it may look minimalistic at first, this is everything you need to be a Streamer, and if you are trying to limit the number of tangled wires, this style is your best bet.

#4 U/sam_a16

The red in this battle station helps create the perfect gaming atmosphere. The corner of this desk is convenient when you want to have a good work/game balance because it allows for the seamless transition from battle station to a workstation. One thing that might make this better is if the computer itself was on the floor. Then there would be more space on the desk and protect it from any spills on the desk.

#3 – u/voxace

This original poster of this setup said it was for teaching from home, and for that, it is perfect. The three monitors make it an ideal game station with visibility for miles, or multitasking. The printer makes this a comfortable workstation, and the various monitors allow the user to focus on multiple tasks at once. The microphone and speaker setup make this an ideal streaming setup. If you’re looking to spend on your battle station, then this may be the way to go.

#2 – U/lucas_talbert

This setup was close to being #1. The simplicity of it makes it aseptically pleasing to the simple gamer. For someone who wants a minimal setup, but a highly functional one, this is a great battle station to use for inspiration. The large desk area, which is mostly empty, is useful if you want to keep a tablet or small laptop on the desk. It can also be helpful when gaming and eating collaborate. The speakers give the player quality audio so they can hear what is going on around them in-game. The only thing that would make this better is if it had LED lights.

#1 – U/seanBCi

This setup is a weekend getaway. While the overall room space is small, it is quite efficient. The view of trees and the plants in the room help give this setup an outdoor vibe. It adds a new dimension to certain games, and as a player, the game can feel more like reality. If you are into nature like me, you could spend hours upon hours sitting here, playing games, and having a good time.

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