The New Resident Evil Game Board game looks awesome!

Resident Evil 3 is blowing up the internet since it’s release on April 3rd. Now Steamforged game will harness the popularity to make it into a board game. Steamforged Games made Resident Evil: 2, so they will use the criticism of the older games to help improve the new one.

One of the major criticisms of the game was that the game itself was too dark. No, not the content, but the game itself. Steamforged Games released a statement via their official blog addressing the issue,

“It’s clear, now, that whilst the philosophy of creating darker artwork is fine… the effect that worked so well on-screen didn’t translate to the tabletop in quite the same way — nor was it a visual effect board gamers were used to”

The game will feature 1-4 players. You can play the game by yourself or with others. You can do the game, one scenario at a time, or if you have 19 hours to spare, you can do it all in one shot.

“To survive, players must carefully manage resources, make intelligent and meaningful decisions, and be wary of curveballs thrown by the tension deck—a mechanic carried over from the RE2 board game which will surprise players with unexpected threats to replicate the terrifying suspense of the video game.”

The Steamforged website says this is the rule for survival, and this is will probably.

The game goes on Kickstarter on April 28th, the game is yet to have a price, but it will disclose that information when the date comes.

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