League of Legends Spring Playoffs viewing guide.

League of Legends Spring Playoffs viewing guide.

If you are looking to watch the League Of Legends Spring Split playoffs, you may want to know where to view it. For viewers in the United States, you can view the five matches in the tournament via ESPN. The broadcast will happen on ESPN 2, but viewers can also watch through the ESPN app. 

 Evil Geniuses plays Cloud9 on April 11th, at 4 PM Eastern Standard Time. Then, Flyquest Plays TSM on April 12th, at 4 PM EST. The Third Place Match Up will occur on April 18th at 4 PM EST. Then it will be concluded by the LCS Spring Split Championship on April 19th at 4 PM EST.

Esports has been ESPN and sports fans way out of this whole coronavirus mess. Where sports left, esports took over. ESPN’s commitment to broadcasting Esports could act as a real boost for Esports during the coronavirus, and maybe afterward also. 

The match will be exciting, here are the odds/ results of the game—statistics provided by strafe.

Evil Geniuses vs. Cloud9: 

Cloud is favored to win with a 91% chance of winning.

 Flyquest vs. TSM Match 4: 

TSM is predicted to win with a solid 75% chance of winning.

Right now, TSM has already won one match, so they could be in it to win it. Cloud 9 will easily take home the second-round win vs. Evil Geniuses. It is possible that we could see a final matchup between Cloud 9 and TSM, and it will probably be an exciting finale. 

There is little chance of Flyquest beating TSM. However, there is still a 25 percent chance that they do win. Stay Tuned on our social media to find out what happens.

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Source: Verge. Strafe App.

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