Food Should Play More of a Role in Video Games.


This opinion piece talks about the vital role food plays in our lives, and the vital role that it doesn’t play in video games.

When you boil the concept of video games down to a simple concept it is to entertain. To accomplish this, developers put different aspects of everyday life into video games. This is shown in multiple ways, but when you look at a majority of games, food plays little to no part.

In reality, this is not the case. We spend much of our day thinking of food. It is life. We have so much selection, and there are so many little parts of food that if changed would completely change the way it tastes. 

As games try to capture everyday life, they take multiple ideas into consideration, food, water, and shelter. Some games include further apsects, like the ability to shower, or brush your teeth. 


However, while simulation games do include more specific tasks, it would be interesting to see this in some other games. As a hypothetical, imagine that in Call of Duty, you had to eat every 4 hours in game, and if you miss a meal you lose health points, and eventually you die. 

It is a random thought, but one that definitely is a good one to raise to developers. 


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