GTA 6 won’t be so great.


We all know that Rockstar Games was working there employees overtime. Now that they need to give them a break, the quality of GTA 6 will suffer.

GTA 6 recently had an announcement from a reliable source after years of speculation. The article discussed problems regarding the management at Rockstar and the issues they had with their employees.

The main problem was too much overtime. Employees at Rockstar were working 100 hour weeks to meet deadlines. These experiences made several employees resign from their position from Rockstar. However, many of the rotten eggs at the company were exposed, and most of them have left the company.


The article mentioned how GTA 6 was early in development. Social media has lit up with thousands of fake news stories, and information regarding rumors about the game, but the only thing we as know right know is that we are getting another one.

The content of the new game will not be as good as Grand Theft Auto 5. Rockstar has spent the last seven years since GTA 5’s release working on the online component and Red Dead Redemption 2. This means that they likely have very little accomplished other than an idea about characters, setting, and size.


Part of the article mentioned a different deadline schedules and how the upcoming game will not be released all in one go, but instead, they will release its update by update. This is similar to the way GTA online is, but rather than just the online component they will do for the whole game.

As far as a story and quality of game go, players should not expect much when it comes to the quality of the game. High hopes and exaggerated expectations are going to crush this games meteoritic score, and it will lead to so many horrible reviews.


The way we get past this is patients. If the trolls on social media hide away for a while, and fake news doesn’t take over most of your mind, then the masses will enjoy it. In reality, it won’t be so great when it first comes out, but 6-10 months afterward, it will be fun. In an evolving world, you have to wait and see, but it will keep players occupied.

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