How Selena Gomez is changing gaming.


Singer/songwriter Selena Gomez is suing an app for $10 million. While she is doing so for personal reasons, she may end up changing gaming.

Selena Gomez may be famous for her talent as a performer. As an incredibly talented performer, she does not use her image in a negative ways. According to a recent article from Kotaku, she is bringing a lawsuit against a mobile game developer. The game in question, Clothes Forever – Styling Game features an avatar that looks identical to Gomez. In the game, an avatar looks strikingly similar to Gomez. She also critiques the apps micro-transactions, and she is hoping to shut down the app for good.

Clothes Forever – Styling Game is a product of collaboration between British developer MutantBox Interactive Limited, and Chinese developer Guangzhou Feidong software. Both have yet to comment on the matter. The app is free for the initial purchase, but it includes micro-transactions as high as $99.


There is an avatar in the game that bare a striking resemblance to a 2015 Cover of Flare Magazine featuring the singer. Additionally, the game features avatars with a similar look to other female celebrities, including Taylor Swift and Beyonce. Other stars that have apparent avatars in the game have yet to join the lawsuit, but it expected that they will before the end of the case.

By bringing the case, Gomez could find a more prominent role in gaming. If the case rules in her favor, it will be a big win for the gaming community. Firstly, it will remove an app filled with microtransactions, which is a victory in itself. Secondly, it sends a message to developers and publishers to avoid building their games around micro-transactions. Lastly, in the best-case scenario, the case gets will appeal to a higher court where maybe the government makes a federal law banning micro-transactions. 

Do you think that Gomez has a right to sue? Comment your thoughts below.

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