How the Fortnite concert will change music.

Last night, Fortnite teamed up with Travis Scott to create a virtual Fortnite concert. Over 12 million people tuned in to watch the event, which was quite the show. Did the Fortnite concert create a new trend?.

For a long time, I have said that video games are virtual hangouts. If you live far away from your friends, you could log on and have a virtual in-person experience. You complete missions, drive fast, or mess around. Maybe your getting dubs in Fortnite. whatever it is, it is usually a good time. Nevertheless, most games lack real-time concepts.


Specific games do an excellent job of keeping an evolutionary world, where players find new items. Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto 5 have done an excellent job at this. Specific updates have gotten more praise than others, but overall, it has been a “live” world.

Following last night’s concert, a new trend was born. While you do not see it booming right now like it will in a couple of years, it began last night. Travis Scott is a well-known artist who makes rap songs. Moreover, Epic Games selected him as the artist of choice because they knew it would be compelling. The Fortnite concert was truly compelling.


Many are in sheltered inside their home at the moment. The hope is that one day this will end, and our lives will return back to normal. We will go out to social gatherings once again, and music can be seen live.

The trend of in-game concerts will be seen more and more now that Epic opened the window of opportunity. However, it may be a logistical challenge for them, but you will most definitely see more from other games.


This pandemic is something that will change the way we interact with technology for a long time, and this is just another big part of the world’s history. Going forward, you will see a lot more things come to the house. First, it was movies, then video games, and soon concerts, and parties, and so much more.

The genre of technology that will feel the most futuristic is virtual reality. Seeing that concert in full force will change the way we live our lives, but for now, let’s just hope we can go outside soon!

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