GTA online just got some fresh new contact missions!

Has GTA online gotten boring to anyone else? I feel like now that I have played it so much, it has just gotten so repetitive and tedious. Anytime you want to do anything, it takes a long time to drive there. And generally, most of the missions involve similar tasks.

However, this is not just a big rant, because Rockstar heard our troubles! The company recently announced 6 new contact missions from the GTA online drug dealers Lamar Davis and Gerald. 

These are the six missions.

Make Ends Meat

Gerald’s long-time rivals have been using a meat slaughterhouse to produce product before selling it. Deal with the gang members guarding the facility and get the cook sheet. However, you will need to crack the safe first.


Go Figure

A rival dealer has been putting cocaine inside action figures and The dealer has not been keeping quiet about his transactions.

Fast Peddling

Bikers are trying to muscle in on Gerald’s business and are undercutting him at every corner. Help send the right kind of message by stealing supplies from their known businesses. There is not a better way to promote healthy competition than to just steal product from your competition.


Deal With It

A deal’s gone wrong and players need to locate the missing product Gerald has kept tabs on with a tracker, but rival gangs might also know this so it’s up to players to source the goods, and keep the cops off the trail in the process.

Bad Companies

Gerald’s had enough with a rival gang boss and is ready to take him out – but he has to find him first. Smoke the rival leader out and take him and his unit down.


End Product

Gerald is looking to unload all his merchandise in a big deal with a local buyer. Make sure this deal goes smoothly.

Overall, if you and some friends are up for it, these missions add some spice to GTA, and can provide the user with a lot of entertainment.

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