The Valorant Beta is just okay-Valorant Review

Valorant Review
Valorant Review

The Valorant Review. Valorant is Riot Games new First-Person Shooter that excites users. The review of this game is something that has postives and negatives.

After hours of slowing down my computers processing power by keeping a Twitch streamer on in another tab, I finally received what I wanted—a key for the beta version of the new PC first-person shooter game, Valorant.

I kept it on in the background, not paying much attention to it, then when I awoke Saturday, I got the email!

“Valorant is now yours.”

I texted my friends, and we began the process of playing.


After going to 5 different places to find the install, I got to my Riot Games account and downloaded it. The download did not take to long as it was only 3.5 Gigs. Once it finished, I disregarded the message telling me to restart my computer, and I attempted to open the game twice before restarting my computer. 

I opened the game for the third time, and I went through the regular rounds. I completed the training session a few times because my game kept crashing whenever I paused the game. 

As far as graphics go, they are not perfect. It seems like a 2014 version of Overwatch, on the low setting. You can clearly see what everything is, but overall, it just isn’t that great—especially considering that it froze twice.


The Graphics do prevent lag for the most part. The game was smooth running, there was not any delay in the gameplay, but the controls took me a while to get used to. The players start the match off with the preset controls. However, unless the presets work for you, you should change it first thing to ensure that you are playing the right way.

The sensitivity is weird, so be sure to play around with that before you make a decision. The controls and mechanics of the game remind me of Counter-Strike, so as an avid CS: GO, player, it was not hard to jump right in.

As far as similarities go, I see why so many people are comparing it to Overwatch and CS: GO, but this is not the case. Moreover, the looks of the game mimic Overwatch in a way, but this game draws many more similarities to Counter-Strike.

Having played the beta, it shows me that this game is Riot Games’ answer to CS: GO. They needed to make a game that more people could understand because League of Legends is a mystery to anyone who exists outside of the universe. Therefore, now that they have this copy of CS: GO, they can make it into a successful Esport.

Finally, the Valorant Review should serve as information for any potential new Players, you can find out how get the game here: Guide

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