Playing games on PC is a rip-off.

Since 2016, I have been playing games on PC. 


For reference, I have an Asus Gaming Laptop with.

  • 16 GB Ram.
  • 1 TB hard drive.
  • Intel I7 Processor.
  • Nvidia 960M Graphics Card.

 What appealed to me was how much “better” PC was than Console. A few years went by as I developed my gaming skills on PC. Then, When I had saved enough money, I splurged a little and bought myself a renewed Xbox from Gamestop. Meanwhile, my PC was still in its prime, making the Xbox sit on a shelf and collect dust for a long time. However, now things have changed.


I decided I would give my Xbox another try with all of the hype around the two new consoles coming from Sony and Microsoft at the end of this year. Primarily because of my computer’s graphics card (which is outdated according to 2020 standards). Hence, I knew that my Xbox would run the games that I love to play better than my PC. I quickly discovered how much better an Xbox One S is, but the main problem holding me back was Xbox live.

Xbox live is the sign that points towards playing games on PC

The Subscription model is everywhere nowadays. From Netflix to Amazon to Xbox Live. While Xbox was one of the early adopters of this model, it has sure held me back from becoming an avid Xbox player. In my mind, I always thought it was cheaper to buy the games from Steam and not to pay-to-play with my friends, but just enjoy that luxury at a hidden cost. 


The games I love on my PC, GTA 5, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Minecraft are all a blast to play. This is a key reason that I am holding onto my PC. But these games can get old, mainly because I have logged hundreds and thousands of hours playing these games. But after all that time, I can barely play these games for 5 minutes anymore. This was when I decided that I wanted a new solution. That is when I found Xbox Game Pass.

For some, it may be cheaper to play on PC.

Xbox Game Pass and Xbox live are $14.99 a month. Assuming you pay for every month, you would dish out around $180 per year. For reference, new games that received high-level publicity and took millions to develop usually cost $60. When you make a direct comparison, you will see that Xbox gives users access to so many titles, that you end up saving money. There are some titles you will still need to buy, but if you are gaming on a budget, this is the way to go.


If I still have not convinced you that Xbox is better than PC, you can probably stick to PC. Because if you are a gaming pro (which I am not), then it is good. But if you like the energy you get from playing video games that mimics that of television, you should buy into the Netflix for Xbox, aka, Game pass.


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