Apple Arcade is not worth the price.

It was an exciting night; I was gearing up to buy into the latest subscription, Apple Arcade. The thought process behind this was that it would provide me with a better experience than most other mobile games have in the past. I  buy into subscriptions because I know that I can cancel at any time, and I figured that the $4.99 could not be that much of a rip-off, right? Well, sort of.


Because the price of an Apple Arcade subscription is $4.99 a month, and you can cancel anytime, I cannot objectively say that getting a subscription is a rip-off. It is not. However, if you are an avid gamer who plays on a platform other than console, I would tell you to save your money. My reasoning behind this is that I have access to the best games currently available on the market, including mobile games, without having to pay $5 a month.

What is good about Apple Arcade?

So, what does Apple Arcade offer for its five-dollar monthly price tag? The primary thing is an ad-free experience. An ad-free experience is not typical for mobile games, especially considering it is how most developers earn money. 

The other major thing I found in the games I played was that micro-purchases did not define any of the games I played. This is where the $5 a month becomes worth it because you do not have to spend 99 cents every time you open a game. Considering that there are over 100 titles available through Apple Arcade, it would be more beneficial for gamers on a budget.


Finally, most of the games I played on Apple Arcade were well made. While they did have their issues, on the scale of mobile games, I can confidently say that those games were of high quality. Granted, they probably had Apple funding them; the developers did an excellent job with the games.

What is the problem with it?

Here is the problem. There are no other mobile subscription services to compare Apple Arcade too. The only other platform you could compare it with is playing the games for free. Keep in mind, however, that this means sitting through ads, buying into micro purchases, and dealing with poorly-made games. But, not all of them are poorly made.


Furthermore, Micro purchases do not make up the vast majority of most apps, and you can still play them to fruition for free. While you might have to sit through ads now and again, the simple trick of turning your phone onto airplane mode usually does an excellent job of limiting your viewed ads. Also, you can play games for free!

So, who is Apple Arcade good for?

If you are new to gaming and want to get a feel for how games work, for example, a younger kid, or someone older, this is a great start. If you have an iPhone, you don’t need to spend half a grand on a new system that you won’t know how to operate or spend well over a grand on an over-priced PC; you get good games at a reasonable price. However, if you are reading this, I assume you are an experienced gamer, so I would say your best bet is to stick to your console that you are most comfortable with. This way, you save $5 every month, and you don’t feel the need to play games just because you pay into them.


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