Why Video Games are the new Social Media.

Social media vritual reality machine
Social media virtual reality machine

Video Games and Social Media have been rapidly improving during the 21st century. Developers of both platforms are investing hundreds of millions of dollars into new games that are slowly improving the gamer’s experience. The latest medium that developers seem to be sticking with is multiplayer games, like the battle royal genre and open-world MMO’s. These are slowly becoming the new medium for which society will interact online.

Facebook is the medium through which society communicates online. At the same time, in 2020, there are notable competitors, Facebook was the first to do so. When Facebook started, it was considered revolutionary because it connected people from around the world to one common platform. It quickly blew up, taking about 2 years to reach 50 million users. Today, it has over 1 billion users, and even if someone does not use Facebook, they surely know what it is. Facebook still has a tremendous hold on this medium, and they continually make improvements to the platform. 

So what is next for social media?

What lies next for social media is something that every gamer should be excited about. As gaming becomes more readily accessible to different parts of the world, we are about to see a real boom. There are over 1 billion people who currently have access to play games. As more people learn to play and start playing actively, society will see a fundamental difference in how we interact via the virtual medium.

For Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and others, pictures, and videos are the way we interact online. However, many people do not know that Facebook owns Oculus, the largest virtual reality company. For many, virtual reality is not a reality. The equipment is expensive, and even the games do not feel “real.” It’s basically like holding a phone really close to your eyes, except the machine is big and bulky. But, as technology improves, it will become more realistic. This is when the new medium of social media will come into play.

If you watch Black Mirror on Netflix, you already know this information. According to the episodes like U.S.S. Callister and Striking Vipers, virtual reality possibilities are endless. You could transport yourself into an entirely new universe, fully immersing yourself into a video game. You would literally be able to wake up in Los Santos; how cool does that sound? You could go skydiving from your bed, explore the outer depths of our solar system, or try to have a good time, go to your dream mansion and hang out with your friends.

There is no official timeline for this, but by the end of the decade, you will likely see the things discussed in this article come to fruition. The tech revolution is upon us, and life as we know it will change drastically for the better (hopefully).

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