GTA Online Needs some new characters

Rockstar Games Virtual Reality
Rockstar Games Virtual Reality

We need some new characters.


Let’s face it, after almost 8 years after it’s the original release, Grand Theft Auto 5: Online has become old, boring, and repetitive. The missions are the same exact thing with the same characters we have seen since the beginning of the game. With the release of a “new and Improved” GTA Online, it’s time for Rockstar Games to give us some new characters.

The Grand Theft Auto 5 story mode was more entertaining than most movies. The character development was significant, the overall story made sense, and everyone was interestingly unique. However, some characters in story mode never saw the light of day in the online universe. 


There are various theories about why this is. One of the reasons I heard is that the events in the online universe occur six months before the story. One location in the game that would prove this theory to be true is the hotel in Paleto Bay. If you go to Paleto Bay while playing online, you will notice that the hotel is still standing. This contradicts the story mode Paleto Bay Bank heist. During the heist, Trevor shoots down a helicopter causing it to crash into the motel. Therefore, according to this, online pre-dates the story mode.

One of the characters that did get a role in the online universe is Trevor and his business partner, Ron. Ron plays a significant role in the online world as a business associate of Trevor’s in the heist, Series A Funding. Furthermore, he is the person your work with when working out airplane cargo logistics.


 However, some of the characters that did not get a role in the online universe deserve the spotlight. Of course, characters such as Michael De Santa, whose son, Jimmy, is an employee at the newly introduced arcade in GTA Online. And the fan-favorite, Franklin, has also never made an appearance in GTA online. However, Franklin’s best friend, Lamar, is someone you can call for missions while playing online.

Who should Rockstar add?

Aside from the main plotline in story mode, certain characters need to have a part in online. Among the characters that deserve the spotlight, are characters such as Devin Westin and Solomon Richards. They would both add some new material to the online universe. As a billionaire, Devin Weston could bring some new high-tech luxury items into the game, such as houses, cars, or possibly tech gadgets.


Solomon Richards could add a logical and obvious plotline to the game, considering that the game is set in a fictional version of real-life Los Angeles. Richards was the subject of a few missions surrounding the production of a film in story mode. Still, there really has not been any mention of Mr. Richards in the online universe. 

With rockstar’s plan to make a “new and improved” GTA online for the release of the PlayStation 5, it is time to add these characters to the story mode!

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