What will the two new console cost?

New Console
New Console

Right now, as gamers, we are at a crucial point in time. With the Digital Revolution still accelerating every year, we can expect new technologies that we never thought were possible. Both Sony and Microsoft have announced their new console to keep the momentum going, the Xbox series X, and the PlayStation 5.

These consoles are a considerable upgrade from currently available products. The most significant differentiation between the two consoles (as of June 2020) will be the price. 

Today, players are still waiting for both Sony and Microsoft to name the price of their newest console. The two consoles stack up against one another when you look at the basic specs. Although, PlayStation tends to have better exclusive games than Xbox in the past. Moreover, according to the PlayStation 5 virtual launch event, it seems that this trend will continue. 


In terms of the design of the two consoles, my personal favorite is the PlayStation. I currently play on Xbox, and I am looking forward to seeing what Sony has to offer. Additionally, PlayStation 5 comes with virtual reality support. One of the first problems I noticed about the PS5 is that the little arches on top make it look like they can snap off easily. 

Sleek and portable

Xbox, on the other hand, provides players with a sleek and portable machine that can easily fit in a backpack. The minimalistic aspect of Xbox really makes it appealing to those on the go. Not to mention Xbox’s cloud gaming platform, which could allow gamers to play on the go.


So, in terms of the price of the two consoles, PlayStation will probably be priced higher than the Xbox. One thing that we can take away from the design and features of the two consoles is that The PlayStation is geared toward a more “luxury” audience. 

This New console Fits in a modern mansion

The white and black mix, with a shade of blue, really makes this feel as if it would fit in a modern mansion better. This is another reason that the PlayStation 5 might be more expensive.

The base model of both consoles will likely cost within $100 of one other. One thing to remember is that the PS5 will come with virtual reality, so we do not know if it will come as a part of the base model, or cost more as an extra feature. Certain upgrades such as extra storage could charge more for either console. 


Overall, I would not expect a minimum price below $300 as a base model for either console. However, the cost of both consoles will initially be higher due to COVID-19 production capacity. The most one will cost with extra’s is likely not over $800, and that is judging based on how these machines compare to a PC

I expect to purchase the PlayStation 5, but if the price is exorbitantly more than the Xbox, I will be purchasing the Xbox series X. 

What do you think the price of the two new consoles will be? Will one cost more than the other?


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