Want to be an elite PC gamer? Get a small mousepad.

Hyper x Mousepad
Hyper x Mousepad

Mousepad is crucial to being an elite gamer on PC. However, one does not need to have such a large mousepad in order to be a good gamer.

As someone who has played games on PC for the last four years, I have come across many issues. Software, hardware, and accessories are among the many problems I have experience with my PC while it has been in my possession. These issues make it difficult to play games and made mobility of my computer quite the shlep. One of the features that initially appealed to me about playing video games on a laptop was mobility.

Mobility is key

In contrast to a console, the mobility of a PC seemed much more portable. When I originally bought my PC, the only accessories I purchased were a mouse and a pair of Logitech G360 headphones. The headphones are quite the troopers because they are in good shape, despite having been in my possession for well over the guaranteed warranty.


I began playing more and more, and I found that I needed the right mouse pad with a good mouse and keyboard if I was going to get better. These accessories made it quite challenging to travel with my PC, contrary to what I initially thought.

At first, I had a cheap gaming mouse, so there was no need to purchase a mouse pad because I figured that I did not need one. After a couple of years of this, I found that having a mousepad would be better than not having one. To my convenience, a friend of mine was looking to get rid of one of his larger mousepads, so I could score a 30 x 11 Pecham mouse pad for free. 


I found this mousepad to be incredibly convenient back in the days that I was grinding out Counter Strike-Global Offense. Still, as I began traveling more frequently, I found this mousepad to be a hassle, just like all the other accessories. This is why I decided to buy a new, smaller mouse pad.

I found a Mousepad that is easily portable.

I figured that because I’m traveling more frequently now, I want a mousepad that is easily portable. That is when I found the Hyper X FURY Gaming Mouse Pad. It is a small, sleek, and convenient mouse pad. It was not too expensive, and it works like a charm. If you are someone who is looking to downsize a little bit from the massive mousepads available on the market. I would kindly suggest looking into purchasing this mouse pad.


As my PC grows older and slower, I am moving over to console gaming on my Xbox One S. It seems like more games are going to be geared towards consoles rather than PCs in the near future. Therefore, by gaming on console, I can be ahead of the curve. Finally, the biggest reason I am moving to console is that all you need to play is a console, controller, and a monitor/TV.

Which system do you find to be more convenient? Let us know in the comments!

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