Miss the beach? Play the New Fortnite Update:

New Fortnite Update
New Fortnite Update

The New Fortnite Update is here. Chapter 2: Season 3 is in full effect for the game, which recently reached over 350 million players making it one of the most popular and successful games in the world.

The new Fortnite update brings new items into the game.

The season 3 update brings new items into the game, as well as an exciting new map that has been flooded. The aquatic map means many things for players. One of the challenges that players will face is getting to the center of the circle. Due to the water, it will be more difficult than in previous seasons. However, while the battle itself might be a little more complicated, the new items in the game bring new energy not previously seen.


Among the new items and actions added to the game, there is one that stands out among the rest. With the latest update, players are now able to ride sharks. Additionally, players can water ski, with the driving force of a shark.

The update said goodbye to certain parts of the map. In the left half of the map, most of the island is drenched in water, leaving many separate islands. It looks eerily similar to the Bahamas, or French Polynesia. Notably, the Slurpee Swamp and Weeping Woods have vanished And the Agency is now gone, and it is now a heavily guarded base.


To go shark-waterskiing. Players need to catch a shark by fishing for it. As with every previous Fortnite update, the map will change again. Epic Games has said that as the water begins to recede, more land will be revealed. Simultaneously, more items will arrive in the game.

This season, the battle pass brings some new and exciting skins and items, including in Aquaman pack. Additionally, a cool feature that this season also adds is players can build their own umbrella. 

Fortnite has a lot of competition from other developers.

Activision (ATVI) and Electronic Arts (EA) have both released their own battle royale games. Apex Legends, and Call of Duty: Warzone both have been hugely successful. 


Fortnite has found a great niche audience with younger gamers, and that definitely shows with this latest update. Many players seem to have shifted from Fortnite over to Warzone. Additionally, Riot Games is getting in on the shooter game action by releasing their very own multiplayer game Valorant. While Valorant draws more similarities to Counter Strike-Global Offensive and Overwatch, it will still be in competition with Fortnite for screen time.

It will be an exciting time in Fortnite. If you have not played in a while, now is definitely the time to open it up again.


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