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For Nintendo, mobile gaming is no longer a focus.


According to multiple sources, Mobile gaming is no longer a focus for Nintendo. The gaming giant has made ultra-successful titles such as Mario Kart, and Pokemon: Go. However, due to the success of the Switch, Nintendo is now looking to put its funds towards the development of Switch Games.

For fans of Nintendo Games, this is good news.

For those that already own the switch, this means you are getting some better games, with some new characters and titles. The games will only get better and more immersive. There is no word on specific titles, but the more money put into games usually means better games. You can see some new characters introduced, and maybe expanded games of already existing characters.


Nintendo has found success in games like Animal Crossing, and that is one of the key reasons that they are taking this path. Revenue earned from Mario Kart plummeted during the COVID-19 pandemic, while income earned from Animal Crossing skyrocketed. 

As a prediction, this is not a smart move.

for Nintendo. Mobile gaming continues to soar; the company recently found less and less success in the production own consoles. The Wii U is a prime example of this. Nintendo thought it could be hip by releasing the Wii U. Nevertheless, it wasn’t a success. The reality of the situation is that the consoles didn’t perform as well as expected. The company doesn’t have the same hold on the console gaming market today as they did 10 years ago. However, they do have a lot of money that they could put into the development of mobile games. The more real estate they pick up in the market, the better potential they have.


Sony and Microsoft are the king and queen of the console market now. Nintendo has been dethroned. I worry that with this latest development, it could be a fatal blow to Nintendo. The video game developer has been losing customers to the other consoles. Furthermore, they market to gamers under the age of 13. If they want to be successful in the future, they must

Google, Microsoft, and Sony are putting their efforts towards cloud gaming platforms. This means that the switch becomes much less valuable. If someone owns a phone, odds are that they have it on them a lot. For Nintendo to not invest in mobile games, it is not investing in the future of their very company.


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