Facebook is down, here is why you should buy it.

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Facebook is down

Facebook (FB) is down recently. After multiple advertisers pulled out of using their platform, the company’s stock has fallen a lot. However, even though hostility and anger plague internet media platforms right now, there is one reason why Facebook is not going anywhere for a long time.

The company has reinvested in different mediums to improve its platform for users. Mini-games are one part of that. The farming simulator is among the mini-games that users can play on Facebook. Aside from this, Facebook owns the biggest virtual reality company Oculus.

For Facebook, this means they must rethink their platform.

They are already investing outside of their business into the future of video games. With the purchase of a developer, and they already own the game beat saber. They are already at the new front, and they are the leading force behind virtual reality.


Google Glass was way ahead of its time, but now Apple has plans to release Apple glasses in November. Just like Facebook with virtual reality, about 5-7 years from now, it will be the most significant thing on the internet, and in your life. The next few years will be slow growth for it. However, that is okay because to meet it’s maximum potential, there needs to be time for trial and error. Hopefully, this is something Facebook and other developers will have on their side. Virtual reality needs to be done the right way, no matter how long it takes.

Powering the systems that allow our minds to inter-dimensionally puts a big responsibility on Facebook. They will be the Sony or Microsoft of gaming during the 20s. That is if those two can’t make a better system themselves. Nevertheless, even if they try to make a better system, Facebook is already ahead of the curve as a developer and hardware maker.


Finally, the thing that no one is thinking about right now: Mixer. Mixer just shut down, and now Microsoft and Facebook are teaming up against Amazon and Google with Facebook Gaming. Youtube Gaming and Twitch both present significant challenges to Facebook, but they have the people, and all they need to do is innovate.


Facebook has been innovative in the past, and if you think that just because a shampoo company is no longer advertising on the platform, they will fail, I can’t wait to see you get proven wrong. In the short term, the stock will fall slightly more due to the currently created hostile environment. Nevertheless, with new advancements towards gaming, like purchasing a development studio and owning Oculus, this will be a time for growth.

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