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Cities Skylines
Cities Skylines

Alright, I have a confession to make. I am addicted. Cities Skylines has taken up my free time. The last time I had nearly this much fun was when I was playing Sim-City on mobile.

I play on the Xbox version of Citi-skylines. One of my friends tells me that the PC version is better due to more comfortable controls. However, I play the game through the Xbox Game pass, so it’s better for me because it’s free. Nevertheless, it still has it’s pluses and minuses.

The game was developed by Colossal Order, a developer based out of Finland, and tantalus Media, a developer based in Australia. They are the same company behind the similar mobile game, Age of Empires.


As far as the gameplay goes, it’s really addicting. I’m not such a big math guy, and never in a million years did I think I could be a city planner, but that has all changed since I started playing Cities Skylines. It starts off slow and small, with a couple of houses and small businesses. As your city grows more substantial, you must provide more resources to citizens of your city.

If you want your city’s land value to be high, and for your citizens to be happy, you must provide all the necessities for a living a healthy life. Electricity, water and sewage disposal, and garbage collection are a must. Cemetery’s, schools, and health care are also necessary to keep your citizens happy and healthy. Public transportation will increase the number of workers and students.


I started a new city about 4 separate times. For my first city, I turned on the unlimited money cheat, which allowed me to understand the rules and build a city to completion without having to play for too long. This was good and provided an educational opportunity for my next towns. I overbuilt it, and things did work out, but there was no challenge. Then I started my second city. With little-to-no idea what I was doing, my expenses were high, and my population was low. This caused the residents of said city to move out. Then came the third one.

I managed the third city quite well. The residents were happy, but due to lack of planning, there were a lack of resources available to the residents of this city. This city grew to about 65,000 residents, with plenty of commercial office spaces and apartments for the citizens of my city to live in. Then, after a failed saved which caused me to lose 3 days’ worth of work, I decided to start over.

My most recent city has been the best one yet. I set it up on a grid, which makes designing public transportation easy, and setting up districts and zoning is a breeze. Right now, I am designating different areas for civilians’ use. The goal is to grow the city to over 1 million residents, but the hours must go in before the hard work pays off.


Cities Skylines is a game that significant potential as a game, but also as a map designer. The game itself is incredibly addicting. As a development tool, the developers of this game could be making millions, if not billions off of this game. Other developers can use this as a way to create maps for their games. One cool mod in the game could be where you can play Grand Theft Auto 5 in your city, using your city map. Take note, Rockstar.

Overall, the controls might not be the easiest to use, but if you like to plan things, and you are interested in the way cities work, I highly recommend purchasing this game. You will likely spend countless hours trying different things and building your ever-growing city, but have an exciting time doing it.

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