Rockstar Games is taking on Virtual Reality.

Rockstar Games Virtual Reality
Rockstar Games Virtual Reality

GTA 6 News is like sidewalks; it’s everywhere. The majority of the internet, including myself, said was saying that was due at some point this year. However, news sources could not have been more wrong. Instead of getting a new game this year or next year, we are getting the same one. 

The announcement of the Playstation 5 brought us some good news and some bad news. The good news is that we knew what the new PlayStation would look like and the games that will come with it. The bad news was that GTA 6 was still far, far away. Instead of a new installment, we were going to get a “revamped version” of GTA 5. This likely means that we will get nothing new, rather than a brand-new marketing campaign, which includes this trailer:

Rockstar is working with a development firm to bring an AAA virtual reality game to the shelves.

However, according to IGN, Rockstar is working with a development firm to bring an AAA virtual reality game to the shelves. We do not yet know if this will be a new title or a new installment in one of the many games produced by Rockstar. However, despite the missing information, this is still something to get excited about. According to some sources, this will see an actual virtual reality version of GTA 5. However, Rockstar has not directly confirmed this, although, this could be the “revamped” version Rockstar was talking about.


As there is a general shift of games from 3D to 4D, (what I like to refer to virtual reality as), we will get more immersive games through virtual reality. As an open-world game with a massive map, Grand Theft Auto 5, among all the other Grand Theft Auto’s, is an obvious contender for a virtual reality update. While this may take a long time to see to fruition, this is an idea that Rockstar should weigh heavily. 

When making a new game, Rockstar should use this game as an example.

One of the games that did an excellent job of turning a massive open-world game into virtual reality is Fallout 4: VR. Rockstar should use this as an example to work off of to develop a new title and use it to make improvements. If done correctly, it could see massive success, and be another driving force on all-inclusive Virtual Reality.

One major part of this that needs to happen is that Virtual Reality needs to become widely available. This is something that Sony and Facebook are big contenders of. They are the two companies leading the charge behind virtual reality.  However, for it to become more widespread, game devs need to be pumping out content. For now, Rockstar’s next big title will significantly impact the future of open-world games in the virtual reality arena. 


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