Hyper Scape needs streamers.

Hyper Scape
Hyper Scape

What’s the point of watching video games when you could just play them yourself? While this question does pose a legitimate concern, Ubisoft is finding an exciting answer: Hyper Scape. By giving viewers the experience of interacting with the streamer and game itself, the game is a driving force in gaming. However, despite their driving innovation, their new game struggles to perform as well as expected.

After failing to find the success they wanted on 2 straight games, Ubisoft had to rethink their entire brand image. Something that should not occur due to their massive fanbase. They have delayed some of their new, more popular titles to ensure that they don’t flop upon release. Ghost Recon: Breakpoint and Division 2 initially put Ubisoft at a loss. Furthermore, they have not been a significant income source for Ubisoft. Their new title could break down this barrier, or barely break it.

Hyper Scape draws large similarities to Overwatch in its gameplay.

Hyper Scape is the newest battle royal game to enter the arena. The game draws substantial similarities to Overwatch in its gameplay. The timing of the release is not ideal, due to a similar version from a rival studio. “Valorant” which a new shooter made by Riot Games, also draws similarities to Overwatch, but also with Counter-Strike. 


While Valorant is more of a PC shooter game, it is still topping viewing charts. All while taking views away from Hyper Scape.  While the battle royal genre is already filled to the brim with the competition, Hyper Scape puts an exciting spin on it. 

To better integrate the player with streaming viewers, Hyper Scape links up to Twitch and gives viewers control over your gameplay, and they can even help decide the outcome of a match. This new function gives video games a whole new aspect, allowing viewers to have more of an active role, instead of just passively watching. One would think that this would top the charts, but unfortunately, it is #95.

Valorant still at the top of charts, despite Hyper Scape’s innovation. If Hyper Scape continues to underperform, it will take away from the game’s success and future development and future games with a similar platform. The game depends on the viewers just as much as the streamers, which there is a lack of. If Ubisoft can not get more prominent streamers to play this game and get their fanbase behind it, it could leave a severe hole in their finances.


If you are streaming, either for a long time or a little, you should stream it. The more streamers that stream it, the more viewers will watch it. There is a massive opportunity for growth here, and if you are new, you should hop on this train immediately.

If this game does not perform well in the coming months, it does not mean the end of Ubisoft.

However, it could mean a difference in the future development of their games. While Division 2 did have an excellent rebound despite a slow-release, it is still not as lucrative as games like Rainbow Six Seige, which has seen increased engagement during the 2019-20 financial year. This game should be a hit for the development studio, and it should provide a steady stream of income for the next few years while they innovate and create new games. The big question now remains, will Hyper Scape be a success?

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