This gaming headset is on sale.

gaming headset
gaming headset

The JBL Quantum 200 gaming headset is on sale on Amazon right now. Usually priced at $60, you can save a whopping 17% and get them at $49.99! As always, JBL makes high-quality products including speakers and headphones, and that holds true with Quantum 200. These headphones are truly a good deal. This is a product that will last a long time, even though you might throw them at the wall a few times.

The JBL audio quality is clean and crisp, getting as loud or quiet as you want them to. If you have a regular-sized head, the 200’s should fit comfortably on your head. The headset works with pretty much any console, and the microphone included will send a coherent, clear message to your teammates. 

Crystal Clear Communication.

JBL Quantum 200 gaming headset incorporates a flip-up boom microphone with echo canceling technology. This technology allows users to focus on their teammates’ over background noise.

Here are the stats

  1. In competitive gaming, the sound is survival. JBL knows great sound. From the thrill of tracking enemies in FPS, to engaging in epic battles. The JBL Quantum 200 amplifies every victory on PC, Mac, Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.
  2. JBL Quantum Sound Signature is engineered for accuracy. It delivers an immersive gaming audio for a competitive edge. Now, users never have to miss a step, shot or jump during gameplay.
  3. Memory foam ear cushions on the JBL Quantum 200 gaming headset are covered in soft PU leather, providing comfort for marathon sessions. With 3.5 mm and PC splitter connections allows for multi-platform gaming on PC, Mac, Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.
  4. Items delivered: JBL Quantum 200 wired over-ear gaming headset with a flip-up boom mic in black, compatible with PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Mobile Games, and Virtual Reality.

You can buy the headset through this link, or click on the post below.

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