Fallout 76 is not the game we deserved.

Fallout 76
Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is not the game we deserved. Instead, it is a cheap knockoff of what the successor to Fallout 4 should have been. Fallout 4 was, in the entire sense, the game of the year. I played hundreds of hours, and many of my friends have as well. 

What makes Fallout 76 interesting?

What makes Fallout interesting is not the story, but it helps. The interesting factor is the sandbox aspect, at least from 4. I played the story over 2-3 times. Once without mods, to get the true experience and then once with mods, I quickly sped through the gameplay. I even turned the starting location – the suburban street where the story began into an upscale, post-apocalyptic suburban street. One fit for dwellers and survivors who want a place to stay. It was a safe place where I built whatever I pleased due to my unlimited potential.


In my mind, the next game in the Fallout series would be revolutionary. Fallout 4: Virtual reality is considered to be a flop. the next game had to be BIG. After a four year wait, we finally got an announcement from Bethesda regarding the new installment. As more information about the game came, the more the rest of the gaming community and I began to lose interest.

With so much potential, Bethesda could not have underperformed more.

Online games and single-player games are two completely different vibes. As a massive sandbox game, Fallout had online potential, but Bethesda could not have done worse. As an MMO, I find that the game is hard-to-play. If you want to avoid the other players, you can rent your server from Bethesda for a cold $13 a month. Luckily, if you decide that you do not want to pay an additional fee for a game you already have, there is no grief as you cannot harm someone else or their building progress.


However, while the other players cannot act toxically towards you, the absence of one major part of Fallout 4 is missing from Fallout 76: Side-kicks. One of my favorite parts of the previous installment of Fallout was the ability to recruit your very own sidekick. However, because Bethesda wants to allow players to play with your friends, this aspect is missing from the new game.

Overall, what I would say about Fallout 76 is that it is a fun game. While I am about halfway through the storyline, I find that it is more glitchy and stringent than the previous version, but by no means does that make it unplayable. It is still a fun time and an exciting storyline. The building is still there, although more limited, you can build some cool creations. One thing to keep in mind when playing is that this is not Fallout 4, and while it might be worse, it does not mean it is a good game.


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