Apple vs. Epic Games: what is happening?


Apple vs. Epic Games : what is happening?

There has been a very serious feud going on between Apple vs Epic Games, the Fortnite developer. The corporate dispute started due to Epic for integrating a new payment system into the IOS version of the hit online shooter. This has led the two companies to be engaged in a legal dispute about the matter.

Apple Vs. Epic Games: Who is the the bad player?

Apple has strict regulations when it comes to its App Store. All developers are required to adhere to these regulations if they want to stay in the store. However, these regulations have received a lot of criticism. Many say that these measures are more about protecting Apple’s financial interests than developers and consumers.


The dispute has been quickly escalating since it started around 2 weeks ago. Apple gave the Epic until August 28th to expunge the new mode of payment, or it will cancel the access of the Epic development tools for the popular game on both the IOS and Mac OS. Currently, the game cannot be updated. iPhone and iPad players have not been able to play the game this season, which commenced on August 27th.

What caused this to happen?

Fortnite players using iPhones and iPads on August 13th began seeing a payment mode that was not in the game previously. It stated, “Epic direct payment.” This system involved paying Epic games directly instead of paying Apple and not allowing their 30% cut. 

Epic games circumvented paying both Apple and Google a respective 30% cut of products sold via their digital stores. The payment method’s addition resulted in the violation of Apple’s terms and conditions. This led Apple to remove the game from their app store. It ensured that the game could not be downloaded unless you had done so previously. Additionally, The game cannot also be updated.


These circumstances dealt a massive blow to Fortnite as it is a game that has seasonal updates. The next update will see the iPhone and iPad users without the ability to update it. 

Epic, in response to Apple, retaliated, filing a lawsuit against Apple. Epic then started a campaign that portrayed them as a victim of oppression by Apple. The hashtag used for the campaign was # Freefortnight that used a parody of Apple’s 1984 ad known as the Albeit set in Fortnite.


The campaign has gained momentum and has gone beyond the video to a themed tournament with real-life prizes.

As the dispute progress, let us hope a final decision of Apple Vs. Epic Games will be made to ensure that the fortnight lovers globally enjoy the game again. Every Fortnight lover is praying hard for the dispute to end.

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