Fall Guys Review: More Difficult than it looks?

Introduction to Fall Guys

Fall guys is one of the best games in 2020. The platform-hopper and king of the rock crossover has attracted millions of players from around the world. The game gives the player the experience of feel-good excursion. The amount of time played differs from one person to another. For those that spend a lot of time developing their skills at the game it is a blast.


The game looks adorable and easy to learn, but that does not mean it has low stakes. It is a battle royal despite having the party game vibe. Every round begins with 60 players sprinting via the course in a very disorderly manner, which involves jumping, diving, whooping, and rag dolling bodies. Only the first 30 who cross the finish line progress to the next round, eliminating players during the various levels.

Players are eliminated until the final round, where the few remaining compete to be the winner. The game has various levels, many of which are races. These courses are hazardous due to:

  • Massive spinning blades to push the players back, sideways or forward. 
  • There is an extremely slippery slime that coats some ramps, causing players to fall.
  • Spinning balance beams, diminishing the floor’s tiles, and easily broken walls all provide the user with a challenging obstacle course.
  • Large pieces of fruit falling down the course.

The only option to enable you to pass this course is by darting and dodging around them. The game relies too much on footraces as they reduce the crowd sizing. However, when you play too much, you will know how to run through the same routes and hope you can succeed.

Some intriguing levels involve endurance competition such as Block Party, which involves all the characters together standing on each platform as numerous walls pass through it. These will direct the players to go through the small gaps to prevent them from elimination. There is an exciting moment at the last moment that involves making a dive through the opening.


Other levels involve dividing the players into numerous teams to achieve a purpose. Personally, teams is my favorite mode in the game. Another excellent map is Egg Scramble. It involves players fighting in a pile of eggs in the map’s center instead of running side-by-side in other maps.

The players grab the eggs and dispose of them in the team’s basket and then try to take a few more from the other team’s basket before the time ends. The negative side of this game is that when playing the team categories without friends, you depend on strangers, which can be tough to communicate.


 You can lose the game quickly when strangers you are playing with are not getting it together. However, randomness can be very significant for fall guys. It is hilarious when your teammate blunders and gets you boned in the pit, losing the match. 

Fall guys is a game that can make you get entertained. It is one of the best games of 2020. I hope you have a good time playing it.

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