Top 3 mobile shooters to play in 2020

Top 3 Mobile shooters of 2020. Looking for some new mobile games to play while stuck inside? Check out this list for some new content.

  1. Critical Ops

Critical Ops is a skill-based online FPS (First Person Shooter) game. Here are the reasons why it takes first place on our top 3 mobile shooters. While featuring tactical gameplay, the game offers several game modes, including bomb diffuse, team deathmatch, and more. Recently, it was revealed that the game had over 1 million players daily! For an online mobile shooter, that is quite an achievement. 

But what made this game into our list of best shooters to play in 2020 is because that it features mixed gameplay of Call of Duty, coupled with Counter-Strike. It also has some fantastic visuals and solid controls for a mobile game.


2. Call of Duty: Mobile

Coming in at second, we have Call of Duty Mobile. Call of Duty has always been one of the best-selling franchises of all time. But with the release of Call of Duty on mobile, players have been allowed to try out the best things that the franchise has to offer, in a single mobile game. Each game mode features a team of 5 going against each other in unique game modes.

The game also features all the popular game modes of CoD, along with some of its iconic maps. What’s more, there is a free to play Battle Royale that comes with the game!


3. PUBG Mobile

Probably the best game on the list and the most played shooter game on mobile is PUBG. We have already seen the PUBG dominate countless multiplayer games on PC. With its release on mobile, it has made a massive impact on mobile gaming.

The game’s main selling point is its polished PvP Battle Royale mode that features a 100-player going against each other. You are deployed on a massive land, where you need to gather resources scattered around the whole area. You will also have to battle against both enemies and time, as the last squad or player standing wins the round.


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