Marvels: The Avengers Review 2020

Marvels: The Avengers Review 2020

Marvel’s Avengers is the latest installment in the superhero video games genre. It features action-packed gameplay. The game was developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Square Enix. Mostly stirred by the Marvel comic books, the game offers a whole campaign about superheroes, coupled with a multiplayer.


The story starts with a brand-new addition to the Avengers team, Kamala Khan, who comes from the future to assemble the avengers against a terrifying threat.

Today, we’ll be reviewing Marvels: The Avengers to see how it competes against all the other big releases this year:

Marvels: The Avengers Review:

  1. A World of Brave Heroes

Marvel’s Avengers spawns a brand-new world with all of your favorite Marvel heroes. The game allows you to play each of its characters while also ensuring they have entirely different gameplay.


You can unlock unique skills for each hero and play them in both campaigns as well as multiplayer. Playing as the Hulk allows players to destroy everything on their path, while characters like Black Widow take a completely different, stealthy approach while completing a mission.

2. Repetition of Areas and Missions

One major disappointment about Marvel’s The Avengers is how it keeps reusing areas and missions you have already cleared. Our playthrough got quite exhausting and tedious when the game tried to force reused regions and missions onto you throughout the game.

However, the disappointing part was in the first few hours of the game, as it gave us hints on how amazing the game could have been, if it had not featured repetitive gameplay and boring missions.



Marvels: The Avengers released in a year where it already had to deliver a lot if it wanted to succeed. Halfway through the year, we already have experienced significant hits like Doom Eternal, Ghost of Tsushima, and more. Unfortunately, Marvel’s Avengers barely does anything to stand out against these games. However, we’d still recommend you get as it did have its moments.

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