Microsoft Flight Simulator – Best Sim ever?


Microsoft Flight Simulator has peaked through the years, but the recent version is arguably the best yet. Hoping in a plane and flying over your town, even your own house is something that many people have wanted to do IRL, but you can do it virtually like everything else. Players can even do it in similar weather conditions and lighting that you can see outside.

Microsoft Flight Simulator can be a very excellent and pleasant feeling. It is a fascinating experience for PC users after the reemerging of the game. The game has 20 planes integrated into the new series of the standard model, which is 93 GB.


The fleet comprises of three airlines, two jets, and fifteen props. You can position yourself well on the runaway of an airstrip worldwide and fly with an accurate view of the regions below. 

The game will tell you how to go around the world with the guidance of big maps, real-time weather, and traffic. The game is suitable for players who find shooting games too intense. If you want to purchase the game, you need to understand three different versions of the game. This makes it a difficult task to find which one is best for you. 


The three models of the game are Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, Premium Deluxe Edition. Each of these modes has a different price-point and offers various features within the game. The standard edition comes with the primary planes and the full map and costs $59.99. The Deluxe version costs $90 and offers more airliners and other mainstream planes. Finally, at $120 the Premium Deluxe edition, you can fly the Queen of the Skies, Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental. 

The standard is probably the best version for anyone. It is launching on Xbox Game Pass for the PC, a subscription service that originates from Microsoft and enables you to access more than 100 games using the subscription.


What makes the game sell a lot is because of its realism. The planes are flawlessly made, with their interiors being impressive. You will see the realistic shadows of the sun when it is landing. However, the game requires a lot of data or a powerful internet connection to run smoothly.

For those who feel that this is the game for them, I cannot recommend any further. It is arguably categorized among the best sim ever made. Overall, I would give this game a 4.7/5 for its accuracy and its contents. 


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