Sony is overcharging for the Playstation.


Sony is overcharging for the Playstation 5. Despite not knowing the price of the PS5 yet, the shortage of supply means that Sony can charge more per unit. Gamers will still buy it.

We are just weeks away from the launch of the next generation of gaming consoles. The Series X launching on November 10th. The Playstation 5 potentially launching on November 13th, and we are slated for some upgrades.


The next-generation hardware of these new consoles allows players to play games in 4K resolution. 4k creates an entirely new game experience. The developers of the new games are taking advantage of the hype with new and improved marketing campaigns. One example of this is GTA 5’s, $1 million every month you play on PlayStation until the PlayStation comes out.

However, while these marketing campaigns are exciting, the real goal behind them is to get you to spend more money than necessary. For example, if you are like me, playing on Xbox, you will not go out and buy a Playstation 4 to get a couple million in GTA Online. If you are trying to earn money in GTA online, buy shark cards.


As someone who has never even owned a PlayStation, I will be making the switch from Xbox over Playstation. One of the many reasons I have for doing this is the Virtual Reality capabilities of the Playstation. However, I will not purchase the new PlayStation at launch, not even in the weeks.

Today, Bloomberg reported that Sony has cut down the production of the Playstation 5 from 15 million units down to 11 million units. This means that there will likely be a shortage of consoles to buy—the result: price hikes.


With the Xbox Series S launch, Sony now has even more competition to sell its new console. By shorting the supply, Sony can justifiably raise the price of its new console. The craziest part about it… people will buy it for whatever they charge! Seriously, they could charge $2,000 for their new console, and people would camp out to buy it because everyone knows how much better than Xbox it will be.

So, after the first two months are done, I will be purchasing the Playstation 5 at a discount because I have patience, unlike the gaming community.


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