Playstation 5 cost. – How much is it?


Sony just unveiled how much the Playstation 5 will cost at launch.

At the Playstation event today, Sony unveiled the prices for it’s upcoming console, the Playstation 5. There will be 2 new versions of the console, Digital and Standard.

This is a critical moment in the console war because now that we know how much each console costs we can judge for ourselves what we want to buy, and we no longer have to wait to get the answer we have been waiting years for.


There has been a lot of speculation about what the Playstation 5 cost would be, but now that we know, the only numbers that can judge are sales, and Playstation is supposed to win by a long shot.

The Digital edition will cost $399, and the Standard edition will cost $499.

For Playstation fans this is a win. The cheapest option in November will be the Xbox Series S, but that does not include all of the incentives to buy the Playstation 5. Overall, I will still be purchasing a Playstation digital in November.

Furthermore, the Playstation will launch November 12th, 2 days after the Xbox release.


You can watch the Livestream here.

Updates on the production of Playstation 5 can be found here.

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