How Cloud Gaming is changing Esports.


Cloud gaming is changing Esports, and the way gamers play video games. Now there is a fight at the top to reign supreme in the cloud gaming space. 

Today, throwing away discs and downloads and streaming games across the internet is the norm. Cloud Gaming is changing esports, and it will interrupt the Esports and gaming world as we know it. 

What players need to be successful is a compatible screen and the compatible controller. Then, all you have to do is pay the services subscription fees.


Google Stadia and Microsoft Project xCloud are the big dogs at the top of the food chain. 

These two platforms have an easy headstart on cloud gaming. Stadia premiered in 2019 and in 2020 they plan on releasing over 120 games, including a few exclusives. 

At xCloud’s launch on the 19th, it features over 170 games and makes the competition with Stadia become more intense. 


Cloud gaming will elevate Esports and revolutionize certain parts of sports in general.

The first big one is that cloud gaming will allow Esports to be more accessible than ever. Currently, the only way for most players to engage in Esports is by watching from afar and wishing you had the technology to play a game like a professional. Now, platforms like Stadia and xCloud will make it easy to stream live with pros and play the games you want without needing a setup with equipment that would run you thousands of dollars. 

Esports’ viewership and popularity is already through the roof. Brands and companies are making big pushes for sponsorship deals and stake in the Esports ecosystem and now with cloud gaming, broadcasting can take a big step up. In a battle royal game that would typically take dozens of cameras and expensive equipment, a few laptops and WiFi will do the trick now. 

Cloud gaming is going to be a household item sooner rather than later and Esports will benefit because of it. As fans begin to feel alienated with sports like baseball, football, and basketball because athletes feel so distant, Esports gamers will never seem too far from the player.


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