Microsoft Buys Bethesda in a $7.5 billion deal.

Microsoft Buys Bethesda in a 7.5 Billion deal. Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) has purchased the parent company of Bethesda Games, in the biggest sale in a video game developer’s history.


After failing to buy the video-sharing app TikTok, Microsoft buys Bethesda. They bought into titles such as Fallout, Doom, and Elder Scrolls Bethesda games in a deal that was reportedly worth $7.5 billion. While Microsoft’s intentions are not so clear yet, they will likely put their games on Xcloud and on Game Pass.

Microsoft will be purchasing Zenimax Inc, the parent of the company of Bethesda Games. Bethesda is the maker of the Fallout Series, the Doom Series, and the elder scrolls series.


The move gives Xbox more in-house studios, so now there could be more exclusives coming to the next-generation Xbox. Many gamers are flocking to Playstation due to their large variety of exclusive games, so this is a power move for Microsoft.

The company has been looking to expand its power over the video game industry, despite controlling ⅔ of the operating systems. This move helps them develop their exclusive games more than ever before, and could be a significant revenue booster for sales of the Xbox Series X and S. 


It is unclear whether they will make all of Bethesda’s future games exclusive to Xbox, but that is expected. For fans of Bethesda games, this is a significant reason to buy an Xbox. Additionally, for people who did not like Fallout 76, there could be significant improvements to the game. There is is a possibility that it could end up like Fallout 4 as a fan loved game.

This move is just one more example of why gamers should wait before buying a new console, because now, Sony has to respond to this move by purchasing their studio. Which studio do you think Sony will buy, if any?


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