High Score review. – Too much information?

High Score is a documentary show about the history of video games. It is available on Netflix. The show has six episodes, each of which is around 40 minutes. It covers the history of video games from the beginning, the creation of pong. 


High Score spends a significant amount of time interviewing different people behind classic games like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and Mortal Kombat. Sound designers, animators, and writers. The film gives a diverse perspective on how the games were created and how they evolved. 

For many modern-day gamers, they do not know what these games were like to play. Even if they played them today, the games would not impact the players in the same way.

Better graphics, more in-depth stories, and better-made games have evolved the video game universe. Today, the youth cannot have the same enjoyment as the past youth once did.


However, for game developers and wannabe game developers, this is an exciting film to look at the evolution of the video game’s creation. Go on a journey through video game history, learning about how they evolved, and the motivation for growth. 

The film was tedious and hard to watch at times. Because they were focusing on yearly periods, it was difficult to tell what was going on, who they were interviewing, and what part of the story you were on. It links all the video games to different events and shows how they were mostly domino effects.


The film’s total watch time is 252 minutes, just shy of 5 hours. I learned a lot about the different parts of the development, but I knew most of the story and how games came out. The different perspectives about these games are what made this show worth the watch.

Overall the film was good, but it was a tad bit too long. I would give this film a 3.5/5.

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