Reminder, Prime Day deals are coming soon!

Prime day deals are already underway, here is what you can get right now, and we will give you are preview of the week ahead!

Prime Day is coming in In less than 10 days, the gaming section and just about everything else they sell on amazon, will be going on sale. For Amazon, this is a big deal, because due to the Pandemic, they will be likely seeing the biggest source of traffic and orders that they have seen before. For gamers, this means that they need to get on the good deals quickly.


Even right now, the prime deals are off to a fast start with 15-50 percent off all sorts of products, from headsets to games, to charger stands, Prime day is every gamer’s chance to add that one special thing to their set up to make it more unique to them!

One deal that is missing from this year’s prime day is that gamers will not have the ability to pre-order the Xbox series S or X, or the Playstation 5. However, if you are still into the current technology available, you can get a wide variety of savings on all things Playstation, or Xbox!


It is definitely a weird time for Amazon to have such a big sale, they are likely getting rid of inventory to gear up for the release of the new consoles, and it will likely all go very fast, do not miss your chance to get the new gear you have been waiting to!

Here are some of the early prime day deals that you can get in on right now!

NUBWO Headset


Controller for the Playstation 4 – 50% off.

Xbox one Controller – 15% off

Playstation 4 Charging station – 15% off.

This is a great product to keep your setup more organized and using this method you will always have a charged controller and you will always know where it is!

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Subscribe to’s weekly newsletter with exclusive articles about all things gaming.

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