FIFA 21 Review – Same thing as last year?

There are certain sports games that can make all fans race out to the stores or pre-order immediately. FIFA is undoubtedly one of those games, along with legendary titles like Madden and NBA 2k. The FIFA games have carved their way into the most popular video game category, and the same can be said with their new release of FIFA 21.


The Game

FIFA 21 is the 28th installment of the game and will be released on October 9. The cover athlete of the 28th edition is Kylian Mbappe. It can be played on Playstation 5, PS4, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. 

The three most popular game modes return with career mode, Volta 21, and Ultimate Team. There are 100 icon players with 11 new names being added to the 2021 roster in Ultimate Team. There is now co-op gameplay in FIFA 21 that allows players to have Division Rivals, Squad Battles, and Friendlies with a friend online to unlock objectives and rewards.


One significant change to the Ultimate Team mode is that fitness and stamina have been removed from the gameplay. In career mode, the significant changes come in the form of game simulations where players can go in and out of games and in training modes where you can improve your player. 

The Developer

The FIFA series is developed by Electronic Arts, which is based out of Redwood City, California. This particular game was developed by EA Vancouver and EA Romania. EA Sports was founded in 1991 and is known for games like the Madden Franchise, NHL, NBA Live, and FIFA. 


Feedback & Our Score 

FIFA 21 is still a few days away from being released, but FIFA has always remained popular. There are not any drastic changes between FIFA 21 and FIFA 20. 

For reference, FIFA 20 received 79 percent from Metacritic, and Google reports that 81 percent of users liked the game. 

Our score is 4.1/5


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