Dirt 5 Review – Best Racer of 2020?


If you’re looking for a game with an active career mode, tons of great racing, and the top sounds and visuals, you need to check out Dirt 5. 


The Game

The popular series, Colin McRae Rally, releases Dirt 5 as the 12th game in the franchise. The purpose of the game is to compete in different racing rallies. You’ll compete against other players in timed stage events on tarmacs and different off-road environments in this game. Additionally, you can race in cars that range from the 1980s through the 2010s. Five different rally-cross racing circuits are located in Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, France, and Portugal. 

In the game, you can play both single player and multiplayer. The game was announced back in May of 2020 and was released in October 2020. The game is available on Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, Xbox One, MacOS, and Linux. 

The Developer

The developer of this game is Codemasters, which is headquartered in Southam, England. They produce the Dizzy Series, F1 Series, TOCA Series, and more. In 2005, it was named the best independent video game developer by magazine Develop. The company was founded 33 years ago in England and has remained one of the most popular video game developers. 



There was lots of useful feedback that came along with Dirt 4. Metacritic gave the following scores for Dirt 5:

PC: 78/100

PS4: 85/100

XONE: 86/100

IGN gave the game a 9.2 rating out of 10 and said this about it, “Accessible yet tough and grimy yet gorgeous, Dirt 4 sets a new standard in rally racing – and its well-considered career mode and endless stages inject it with tremendous stamina. Absolutely stonking brilliant.”

Our Score 


This game is full of action and full of fun, and in the past, Codemasters has done a great job with their racing games. 

4.6 out 5.0

You can purchase the game on Playstation 4 or Xbox one by clicking on the console.

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