How Among Us is bringing diversity to video games.

How among us is bringing diversity to video games.


Among us is bringing diversity to video games, similar to the 1980s, when Pac-Man took over the world for almost a decade! Among us is one of the biggest hits of 2020, the social interaction game where you and a handful of other players are on a spaceship where one of the spacecraft people is an alien imposter. The players who are not the imposter are to find out who the imposter is and kick them off the ship to prevent them from killing other players. The game involves a lot of roleplaying and exploring, and it is bringing a new demographic to video games.


The game has limited violence within it. The most violent depiction in the game is a half-eaten Spaceman suit. This allows people who are more sensitive to violence to play the game. Games like Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto 5, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are incredibly violent games that many choose not to play so that they do not get exposed to that type of violence.

Among Us, this is not an issue. This is why they can bring people from around the world, regardless of gender or ethnicity, into one game. While it may be anonymous who you are, Among Us is creating a new community of gamers that may not have been gamers before. It is interesting to see people who I would never suspect of playing video games. 

Similarly to Pac Mac and Ms. Pacman, Among Us is not aimed at any one gender as opposed to First-Person-shooters. Allowing anyone to enjoy Among Us is part of the reason why the game is so successful, and why it will likely continue to be a hit in the future.


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