Xilinx is in buyout talks with AMD.

AMD Is in Talks to Buy rival chipmaker, Xilinx.


Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), is in advanced talks to buy rival Chipmaker, Xilinx inc, According to the Wall Street Journal. AMD stock price has soared over 89% year due to increased demand for gaming equipment, and so they are using their $100 billion market cap toward picking up their competitor, and rival chipmaker, XLNX 

As of Friday, at 2:28 PM, XLNX is up 14.86 points, to $120.85. Xilinx is a computer company Xilinx, Inc. is a US-based computing manufacturer that develops highly flexible and adaptive processing platforms. The company invented the field-programmable gate array, programmable system-on-chips, and the adaptive compute acceleration platform. 


For AMD, this is a big win and helps take away some competition. The move further establishes two empires between Nvidia and AMD.

While the move sent XLNX stock price soaring, AMD was down 3.94% as of October 9, 2:33 PM. While in the long run, this could be good for AMD stock because less competition means more of the market share.

Xilinx Stock:


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