Is Mr. Beast Botting Subscribers?


Is Mr. Beast Botting Subscribers?

Mr. Beast is a commercial success. However, according to recent reports from Analytics website social blade, Mr. Beast could be botting his subscribers.

Mr. Beast is a YouTuber known for his massive giveaways and the completion of tough challenges. Among his many videos, he has notability tipped a waitress $10,000 after ordering water and completing various challenges throughout a 24-hour cycle without stopping and giving a house to a delivery man. These videos have garnered Mr. Beast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, a following of over 44 million subscribers. 

Following Mr. Beast is almost like a virtual lottery show, such as the Price is Right or Wheel of Fortune. However, there is the inclusion aspect, as it could happen to anyone as they are work or go throughout their day. Even on Tiktok and Twitter, he has done giveaways for whoever’s video gets the most popular on a sound or hashtag. 


The marketing of this is how he garnered his fame. Around two a half years ago, he did not have a fraction of what he has now, but has Mr. Beast just gone viral, or has he manipulated the algorithm. 

Social Blade is a digital media analytics outlet that reports on how much channels on growing on social media. When looking at Mr. Beasts’ analytics, one will find that his channel grows a certain amount at a random rate.

Mr. Beast Analytics

His channel seems to be growing at an artificial rate. He could be purchasing these from an artificial source. This leads us to believe that he has been doing this for a while, artificially pumping his user base with fake subscribers. While this leads us to think he is botting subscribers, he may be growing at that rate, considering how much fame he has. 

Mr. Beast is a commercial success. While his success might be built on a fragile structure, he is still one of the most prominent YouTubers of our time. Just like PewDiePie, he has a massive influence on the gaming world and its culture.

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