Partnership between GameStop and Microsoft. – The Facts.

Here is everything you need to know about the Partnership between GameStop and Microsoft


A partnership between GameStop (GME) and Microsoft (MSFT) has formed into a multi deal. The deal will allow the two corporations to work together more than before. Notably, the partnership allows Microsoft access to GameStop and its stores. The deal was announced Friday, October 8th, 2020 on Microsofts Newsfeed.

As part of the partnership, all GameStop stores will begin using Microsoft technology. This includes Microsoft Office family of products. Many improvements will come to GameStop and its products, as a result of this deal. One of which is that every employee will be equipped with a Microsoft Surface, meaning they can assist customers more individually. They can do this by looking up subscriptions, and what other perks the customer might have. The information provided from the upgrade can help customers get what they need in a more timely experience. 


Additionally, Gamestop will be expanding it’s product offerings to an expanded family of Xbox items. Xbox All-access which grants access to Xcloud. 

In response to the deal, George Sherman, GameStop’s Chief Executive Officer, stated: 

“This is an exciting day at GameStop as we announce the advancement of an important partnership that capitalizes on the power of our operating platform and significant market share in gaming to accelerate our digital transformation; drive incremental revenue streams; and over time, further monetize the digital world of gaming.


The partnership is a strategic move for Microsoft. In June, the technology giant announced they would be closing all 83 of their retail locations. With the partnership, they could offer more than the basic Xbox products, but all of Microsoft’s products, including gaming PC’s. Gaming PC’s are something that GameStop does not sell. However, if they did, it could prove to a serious source of revenue for them.

As a short-term deal, this could work out for Microsoft, who could see a boost in sales due to this partnership. GameStop may direct employees to upsell Microsoft’s products more than they do their competition. However, only the numbers will let us really know who will win the console battle.

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