Video games or movies, which are more popular?

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Video games have emerged and have rapidly developed to become an absolute powerhouse of entertainment. Video games have been around for more than 40 years; meanwhile, movies have been around for hundreds of years. Since the invention of VHS, DVD, and now streaming services like Netflix, watching movies at home is an easy form of entertainment that requires little to no interaction. However, video games provide users with an engaging aspect, but they also cost more and require more of your attention. With both forms of entertainment being readily available, which is more popular, video games or movies?


The easiest way to solve this dilemma is to look at the numbers. Looking at 2019, because that was the last typical fiscal year for movies due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The highest-grossing film was Avengers: Endgame (which became a video game in 2020). According to Business Insider, the film grossed $841,889,897 domestically, while the worldwide gross was $2,764,881,856. This was the finale of the Avengers series. According to statistics reporting website, Statista, the gross income from all of the Avengers movies up to this point was $7.76 billion (note this does not count individual films, but only part of the Avengers installment). The entire Marvel universe has earned over $22 billion, making it the most successful film franchise globally.


When comparing this data to video games, you must look at several factors due to the variety of video games. One of the main factors to look at is that not everyone has the same access to games. Some have Xbox, Playstation, or PC, maybe even mobile. This means that the best selling game might be more accessible than movies. The two fields’ competition is likely similar. Nevertheless, it is easier for films to have more viewers because it is cheaper to view. According to USA Today, video games can cost as much as $60, while the average cost of a movie ticket is 9.11. 


Video Games

Looking at sales data, one will see that Tetris is the highest-selling video game of all time. The game has been sold more than 495 million times. However, because this is free, we cannot determine if these video games are more popular than movies because we are looking at sales data. Therefore, let’s look at the second best-selling video game of all time, Minecraft. Minecraft (Which is owned by Microsoft (MSFT) has sold more than 200 million copies as of August of 2020. Minecraft has sold its game for the cost of $26.00. Not including the additional money from Realms, in-app purchases, or skins, this brings us to several $5,200,000,000, almost double what the Avengers had. 


Looking at sales data will tell you that video games are more profitable than movies, but that does not mean they are more popular. If you divide the gross from the Avengers film by the entire gross income from the series, you will find that 303 million people watched the avengers, making it more popular than Minecraft. 

In conclusion, video games are not necessarily more popular than movies. However, they are more profitable. At some point, there will come a day when video games surpass movies in popularity. As they become more readily available, Esport’s popularity rises, and as things become cheaper, Video Games will one day be the primary form of entertainment.


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